You’re Doing It Right, Even When You Think You Aren’t

Being a sports parent is tough, especially when it comes to parenting youth athletes. It’s a constant balancing act between pushing your children to greatness while letting them have fun at the same time. You want them to become leaders for their teammates while keeping the weight of the season off of their shoulders so they can enjoy their time as youth athletes. When my kids were going through sports as youth athletes, I constantly felt like I was doing it all wrong. One minute I felt like I was propping them up for success and another I felt like I was setting them up for failure. It took me a long time to realize that no sports parent is perfect and all sports parents just want their kids to be successful, grow and have fun. That is all I truly wanted for my young athletes. […]

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The Arizona Outliers

The Arizona Outliers are a team of 6th and 7th grade girls who have been together for two years. They’ve had plenty of success on the court, including a recent win in the Storm the City tournament in California. But the Outliers are, in the words of coach Justin Maass, about “the whole package, on and off the floor.” That was never more apparent than when the brother of a coach and two of the players’ mothers battled cancer and the team banded together. “I know it’s a cliché, but the team is like a family,” says Maass. “We do everything together. The girls feel like they’re not alone because someone always gets their back.”

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College Recruiting Series #5:  Choosing a College is a 40-Year Decision

Choosing a college isn’t a four-year decision; it’s a 40-year decision. From campus to classes, academics to culture, there’s a lot to consider. And, often, students don’t even know what they want in a college experience. To help yourstudent-athlete better understand their best college match, you can start by asking them the right questions. In this article, we provide 20 questions to gauge academic and cultural fit. […]

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Follow Button Test

Growing up, my dad was a sports enthusiast who was always actively involved in whatever sport or extracurricular activities my siblings and I were involved in.  I have fond memories of watching my dad coach my brother’s peewee football and baseball teams.  Even when he was not involved with coaching the team, he was always there to watch us play. Looking back, I remember what a great feeling it was to see him in the crowd proudly watching and cheering us on. […]

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