How college coaches evaluate recruits

The recruiting process can be complicated and intense—even for college coaches. They are responsible for evaluating hundreds or even thousands of talented student-athletes every year, choosing only a select few for their rosters. If it sounds like an impossible task, you’re not far off. However, coaches have the recruiting process down to a science. They know what they are looking for and how to find it. […]

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College Recruiting Series #6: How to get a scholarship offer—before you start high school

Stories about early recruiting have taken the college sports world by storm. Athletes as young as 10 years old are verbally committing to top Division I universities. If you’re scratching your head wondering how this can happen, you’re not alone—athletes and parents alike are asking the same question. However, the trend toward recruiting younger and younger athletes is quickly becoming the new norm. […]

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College Recruiting Series #5:  Choosing a College is a 40-Year Decision

Choosing a college isn’t a four-year decision; it’s a 40-year decision. From campus to classes, academics to culture, there’s a lot to consider. And, often, students don’t even know what they want in a college experience. To help yourstudent-athlete better understand their best college match, you can start by asking them the right questions. In this article, we provide 20 questions to gauge academic and cultural fit. […]

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College Recruiting Series #3: 6 Tips to Create a Winning Highlight Video

Recruiting has joined the digital age! This is great news for athletes and coaches. However, it does mean beefing up your online presence. One of your most important digital tools? Your highlight video. The majority of coaches don’t have the time or money to travel around the country watching recruits play their sport. So, they turn to highlight videos to make their initial evaluations of athletes. […]

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College Recruiting Series #4: Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Division 1 Athlete?

Anyone who loves sports has probably fantasized about becoming a Division I athlete. Practicing in some of the best facilities in the country, playing in front of hyped up crowds – this is what athletes live for! However, at some point reality sets in. The competition to play at a Division I school is fierce. Only about 1% of athletes make it to this level. […]

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