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Tourney Machine allows thousands of tournament organizers nationwide to organize, schedule, and operate tournaments for youth and amateur sports.

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tools for tournament directors

Tourney Machine connects organizers with the parents, athletes, coaches, and fans you serve at your events. With tools made exclusively for tournament directors, you can be confident that your tournament will run smoothly from beginning to end.


I've been using Tourney Machine for several years now and it's so simple!

Courtney Pettit

State Director, National Softball Association

Tourney Machine is very easy and simple to use, and as a scheduler for a big company, it reduces my workload by half!

Scott Nicholson

Tournament Director, One Hockey

As a coach, it's easy to use during tournaments. As someone who uses it to schedule tournaments, it is also easy to schedule the tournaments I run. Customer service is great and they have always helped me out quickly.

Renell Strait

Tournament Director, Iowa Sports Center

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Easy Tournament Traveling

Hilton and Sports Illustrated Play are teaming up to make travel easier and more enjoyable for kids, parents, coaches and tournament directors across the country with the introduction of Tourney Stay™. Now, tournament directors can narrow down hotel lists and reserve tournament accommodations right from the Tourney Machine tool and avoid the hassle of calling individual hotels or reading confusing contracts.


With our registration tools and the SI Play Web Creator you can create a destination to collect  team names, division information, coaches contact and roster at the point of registration and it will be pulled directly into your tournament. 



Our flexible tools help you quickly generate pool play match ups, create custom brackets, select brackets from our template or copy one from a previous division tournament.

We make creating tournament games quick and easy -- with the click of a button


Schedule Success

Spend less time scheduling while taking into consideration team restrictions, court availability and requirements, distance between complexes, Back-to-Back, Max/Min time between games.

Use our drag and-drop tool and move games exactly where you want them with no errors! No more late nights -- get some sleep, you’ll need it on gameday.


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Take control of gameday

Keep all your teams happy by posting real-time scores, notifiying coaches about schedule changes, sending weather alerts and get out your bracket times based on pool play results right away! 

One App for All Your gameday Needs

With the FREE Tourney Machine app you can give parents, fans and coaches one place to follow all their teams, stay up to date on all schedules and scores and recieve timely communicaiton.