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Streamline Your team & roster management.

You can count on better team and roster management with the Sports Illustrated Play system.

Your team rosters will be:



Let parents and players know their team placement automatically. Use the Auto-Draft tool to generate teams with ease, then automatically notify parents and players of their team placement. After registration is closed and all players are assigned to a team, send an email notification upon roster publication.



Since rosters are integrated with online registration, you’ll easily get prepped for the season—with less paperwork. Speedily assign many players to any team with team selection drop-down options. Since your sessions are saved, you can work on drafting over time—and even get roster info from prior years.



Get all the details you need. Make smart drafting decisions with player and parent notes, such as requests to be on another player’s team for carpooling. When running background checks with KidsSafePlus®, your approved administrators get notifications when a coach or volunteer’s background check has expired or failed.



Create well-matched teams with player information in the Sports Illustrated Play system. Knowing your players’ ages and ratings keep your organization’s draft as fair, balanced, and straightforward as possible.

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