Information About the Game Matters as Much as the Game Itself.

Keep everyone up-to-date on scoring, player stats, and standings through your Sports Illustrated Play system. When you enter stats, the whole team can instantly see, and when entering the score after the game’s end, the standings update. Synchronize across your organization, and take the paperwork out of the process.

Your game and player statistics will be:



Team and player stats are joined with your Sports Illustrated Play system. Once a game score and stats has been entered into your sports website, player statistics are in sync throughout your league. Both sports administrators and coaches can add player stats via the web. 



Get any stat for any sport. If you don’t see a special stat you track, you can easily add your custom stats. Since our system knows all the crazy stats formulas, you can forget about using Excel to calculate player averages. 



League and club standings automatically generate based on entered scores. When you enter player stats, they are displayed in real-time on your league and team websites—so team members can finally know how well they're doing throughout the season. 


On The Go

Use data or wifi to update scores and standings through mobile-friendly Sports Illustrated Play website access. Don’t miss a beat.

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