Your All-in-One solution.

For larger scale, multi-faceted organizations, Sports Illustrated Play is a one-stop solution for multi-sport leagues. Easily channel information and updates to every team. Encourage players to try new sports by promoting registration to all players of every sport.

Your multi-sport league will be:



Manage all your members—no matter the sport—from one system. Make it easy for players, coaches, parents, and volunteers to register for multiple sports in a multi-sport organization with a single Sports Illustrated Play account—or even for multiple leagues that use Sports Illustrated Play!



We offer a worry-free solution. Your various sports leagues—and the teams within—can’t access each other’s information or portals. For clarity, each registration is separated by league. Individual teams can also keep their information private if they get their own team website.



Easily take stock of your league with our all-in-one solution. Coaches, players, and parents benefit from the simplicity of one login for all sports. Avoid extra paper pushing when running reports, performing background checks, and managing registration and schedules.


One Size Fits All

Does your organization span a region? State? Country? Territory? If so, our system is designed to help you eliminate paperwork and tedious tasks. We’ve crafted Sports Illustrated Play to effortlessly scale to your size and responsibilities.

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