Will Sports Illustrated Play’s Online Registration and League Management System (aka BabeRuthLeague.org - powered by Sports Illustrated Play) replace Babe Ruth Online?

Yes.  The new BabeRuthLeague.org - powered by Sports Illustrated Play will completely take the place of the current Babe Ruth Online system as of September 1, 2015.  Leagues can choose to just upload rosters or can use the new complete league management system which includes online player/volunteer signup, roster management, league & team websites, scheduling, communications, integrated background checks and much more.

Will we still have access to our data in the Babe Ruth Online system?

Your Babe Ruth Online account will not be available after September 1, 2015, but you can access historical data from the Babe Ruth League portal.

Our League was allowed to continue using our BROL system for the Fall season.  When will our BROL system no longer be available?

The few BROL systems that were given exceptions for Fall will be closed as of Novemeber 2, 2015.

Will the account/registration data that currently exists in our Babe Ruth Online system be transferred to our new system?

No.  Historical Player/Volunteer/Roster data will not be transferred over to your new BabeRuthLeague.org - powered by Sports Illustrated Play system.  

Will the content that currently exists in our Babe Ruth League website be transferred to our new website?

Yes.  Sports Illustrated Play will migrate website content for Leagues that currently use the Babe Ruth League websites.  

Why is Babe Ruth making this change?

It’s been clear to Babe Ruth League that Babe Ruth Online was not keeping up with other online services.  It was decided to partner with a company that already has the world-class features that are vital to make member participation and league management easier.

What are the benefits of using the new BabeRuthLeague.org - powered by Sports Illustrated Play System?

Using the new system will be easier:

  1. Leagues that use the system for Online signups will have access to more robust tools and services that didn’t exist in the old Babe Ruth Online system:
    • integrated background checks (KidsSafePlus) (optional)
    • mobile app for complete team management (TeamWALL)
    • communication features including text messaging
    • tournament management
    • free setup and support
  2. Leagues that use the website will get a more dynamic website that is easier to build, customize, and manage.
  3. Leagues that just upload rosters will not have to re-create rosters after upload (see bullet below regarding roster format).

What are the costs associated with the BabeRuthLeague.org - powered by Sports Illustrated Play System?

We recognize leagues have different needs, so we offer various plans/options, with different features and pricing:  Babe Ruth League Online Features/Pricing.

Will the process for Commissioners change?

Commissioners will continue to access information (e.g. rosters, Letters of Eligibility, team counts, etc.) from the existing Commissioner tool.

Will Commissioners have access to new features, too?

Yes.  We're happy to create systems for Districts/States/Regions that will give them access to websites, online signups, scheduling, and more.  There will be no annual fee or per registration fee assessed for these Commissioner systems for the first year. 

Will the roster upload template change?

Yes.  The roster upload template has changed to make team creation and roster submission a seamless process. 

2016 Roster Upload Template

Roster Upload Instructions

Should my league request a trial account from Sports Illustrated Play?

NO!  Babe Ruth League and Sports Illustrated Play are working together to create a new system for each existing Babe Ruth League that chartered in 2015.  Leagues that are current Sports Illustrated Play customers will be able to continue to use their existing system.  Going forward, systems will be created automatically for new Babe Ruth Leagues directly after they complete the chartering process.

Are the new systems available?

The new systems were provisioned on September 1, 2015, for the Spring 2016 registration session.  The administrator that completed the 2015 chartering process received a login email in late August.

Is the chartering process also changing?

The annual chartering process will stay exactly as it is now.  You will be able to access your new BabeRuthLeague.org - powered by Sports Illustrated Play from the chartering system.

What kind of support can we expect?

You'll find loads of options to get help!  Support staff is available M - F 9am - 9pm (EST) and Sat-Sun 9am - 5pm (EST). You can chat online, email to open a ticket (support@siplay.com) or call toll free at 866-975-8600, ext. 3. You can also find instant answers to many of your questions in the knowledge base located on the homepage of your admin system.

How do I get more information?

We have created a Babe Ruth League web page to keep you up to date on all of the latest information about this new process and the transition.  If you need further assistance, please reach out to us at sales@siplay.com, or call toll free at 866-975-8600, ext. 702.

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